Roksana Zym - Holding Manager, Walkabout Brighton


What attracted you to work for iNTERTAIN Ltd and when did you start with us?   I was with the venue when INTERTAIN took over and changed it to Walkabout. I was offered TAM position, and decided to take it. I actually cancelled my flights to Asia, so I didn’t miss out on the opening… Yes, I really did that. I liked that the head office and area managers welcomed everyone warmly and with respect, which is really important to me. I also remember how impressed I was with the structure of the company- I was surprised how many departments we have!  

Why have you stayed so long?   First of all, I can’t get bored of my job. Secondly, there are plenty of opportunities, there is always something to chase.  

What is the best thing about working for iNTERTAIN Ltd?   Opportunities and goals.  

How involved are you able to get with decisions about the wider company?   Our opinions are taken under consideration.  

What is the worst part of your job?   Definitely missing out on big events during the weekend, New Year’s Eve and bank holidays.    

What would you say/advice would you give to another manager that was thinking about joining iNTERTAIN Ltd?   Definitely go for it and have fun.  

What do you love about the industry?   It’s fun, and it never gets boring.  

What are the most important skills that a person needs to have to succeed as a GM within INTERTAIN?   That person should be persistent, goal oriented, and most importantly, never give up.  

What do you think INTERTAIN offers people in terms of career development and progression?   Plenty of trainings on different management levels, above this Health and Safety and First Aid courses which are useful not just for work. The company sets goals and targets for everyone, and even bar staff are eligible for bonus, which is not popular among other companies.  

Can you share your career goals with us?   To become a GM (I gave myself 5 years since I’ve started working for the company) but also co-operate more closely with head office and hopefully have a chance to learn more about human resources- maybe even end up in that department!

How would you sell the iNTERTAIN to a new external manager?   If you want to work for a unique company who is constantly expanding and is known for its awesome sport delivery and Aussie themed bars, this is a place for you. Want to move around the country and gain more experience? No worries. Would you rather stay in one venue and make it better with your own ideas and hard work? No problem. Do you love a good challenge, work within targets, and have fun at the same time? Well, there you go, look no further.    

How does the job fit with your family life? Sadly, my family is back home in Poland but never heard them complaining!