Sohail Al-Mahri - Trainee Assistant Manager, Walkabout Hanley


What attracted you to work for iNTERTAIN Ltd and when did you start with us? I’d been in the venue before as a customer alongside the other venues and Walkabout was the only venue which I could happily stay there and drink all night, although it sounds cliché, I genuinely was very excited when I had my first shift here. I started for the World Cup 2014, so around 2 and half years ago!  

Why have you stayed so long? I always think that it’s the people that make the job worthwhile and this was the case when I started working here – except the job for me was great to work and it’s a part of culture I love and can experience (whilst saving money not drinking). I also think that’s why I have progressed the way I have because I genuinely love the job, the people and the venue.  

What is the best thing about working for iNTERTAIN Ltd? I love how different the people are that work for Intertain. Whenever, there is a training course or an Area Meeting, I always get so excited as to who I meet and get to know and catching up with the other people around the venues too as there is such a diverse type of person that work for us.  

How involved are you able to get with decisions about the venue? I feel that because we have quite a small core staff that everyone’s opinion is valuable and is heard. I always feel like if I have ideas, queries or problems that they will be heard by the core staff and taken on board.   What is the worst part of your job? The worst part of my job is now my sleeping pattern. I love waking up early and making the most of my day but that’s quite hard to do after a Monday, Friday or Saturday night.  

What would you say/advice would you give to someone considering joining iNTERTAIN Ltd? Because of the environment we work in where it is quite fast-paced and fun, it can be quite tempting to be laid-back.  It makes the job far more rewarding to be involved, proactive and to have fun too. This job is like no other and it a job that you will love no matter how much you get paid for it.  

What do you love about the industry? I love meeting people. I always love meeting new people and this is the perfect job for it. Day and night-time you always meet such fascinating people and they always have story.  

What are the most important skills that a person needs to have to succeed within Intertain? People skills are a must and you definitely need the ability the be able to crack-on when there are jobs to be done or when it gets busy!    

What do you think Intertain offers people in terms of career development and progression? I think there is great room for expansion here. Especially when you’re in an environment that encourages development. There’s always the opportunity to move to other venues, the switcheroo programme and the company also makes it known of all the benefits that you get with each role.  

Can you share your career goals with us? I would love to be able to keep moving up and move around the other venues to learn from them and hopefully show venues something new too!  

How does the job fit with your family/social life? It fits quite well in all honesty. There are some moments where it doesn’t but that’s due to my other commitments with me wanting to be an actor. So having lots of rehearsals, auditions and other things can often get quite busy but it still works and keeps me out of trouble!