Sam Heathcote - Venue Manager, Walkabout Solihull


What attracted you to work for iNTERTAIN Ltd and when did you start with us? Started off in Walkabout Leeds as a glass collector, but used to go out to Walkabout before this and had great nights there.

Why have you stayed so long? Sense of family as I was moving up throughout the career path, then as I moved into management I had great mentors in Nick Kyriakou and John Creighton who helped me develop.   

What is the best thing about working for iNTERTAIN Ltd? The people throughout the entire business – there really is a family feel.

How involved are you able to get with decisions about the wider company? Get regular surveys to complete, and also have been involved in several focus groups to brainstorm different key events.

What is the worst part of your job? Having to say goodbye to travellers most of whom come over from Australia, in 9 years there’s been quite a few!!  

What would you say/advice would you give to another manager that was thinking about joining iNTERTAIN Ltd? Don’t be an island – i.e. get to know everyone and there’s lots of people that will be there to support you so don’t be afraid to give people a call.

What do you love about the industry? Something different every day and you meet great people.

What are the most important skills that a person needs to have to succeed within Intertain? People skills and organisation.  

What do you think Intertain offers people in terms of career development and progression? Always opportunities to develop their skills and move up the career ladder is they show the willingness to learn and the right work ethic.

Can you share your career goals with us? My next goal is to become a Senior General Manager within the next year, then would like to become Cluster manager and continue to work up from there.   

How would you sell the intertain to a new external manager? Growing business with lots of opportunities to develop, lots of diversity within the estate for different types of venues and best of all is the people!  

How does the job fit with your family life? Currently have no commitments i.e. wife or children, which has given me the chance to move around quite freely, but I always ensure that I have a regular shift pattern and enough time to visit family and friends, as well as having fun and doing my hobbies.