Emma Hewitt - Assistant Manager, Walkabout Lincoln


What attracted you to work for iNTERTAIN Ltd and when did you start with us? I started working with iNTERTAIN exactly 3 years ago for part time work whilst I was at the start of my third year of university. I decided to apply with walkabout as it was just about to get a brand new refurb and I wanted to work in a fun environment where everyone is like a family.  

Why have you stayed so long? The progression path with iNTERTAIN is incredible! As soon as I had graduated from university I decided to take on a full time role with iNTERTAIN. After 2 weeks within my full time role I was offered the position of Venue Supervisor. 1 month into being a Venue Supervisor I worked as hard as possibly could and was given the opportunity to progress to a Trainee Assistant Manager, within this role I learned a substantial amount of knowledge regarding the business and was thriving to progress and learn even more. After 7 months as a Trainee Assistant Manager I was offered a promotion to Assistant manager at which my knowledge has progressed drastically and not only has this role improved me as a manager but it has also progressed me as an individual.  

What is the best thing about working for iNTERTAIN Ltd? Family! Working with iNTERTAIN is like working as one big family. It doesn’t matter what job title someone has; you will know them on a personal level from the moment you start the company, whether it be the COO Simon Kaye or the Marketing Activations Manager Hayley Pipe. There is no better moment than when we take on a new acquisition or a new refurbishment, or even all attend a charity event; the whole company will be there to support.  

How involved are you able to get with decisions about the wider company? The more involved the better! No matter what it is that iNTERTAIN are trying to make a decision about, they will always ensure that everyone has their input. Whether it be a venue mailer being sent out, or a new addition to the app for people to have their input on.  

What is the worst part of your job? I wouldn’t say there is a “worst part of my job”, if I had to choose it would have to be when people leave a site / company. Although it is great that they are moving on to develop themselves even more.  

What would you say/advice would you give to another manager that was thinking about joining iNTERTAIN Ltd? DO IT! It was one of the best decisions I ever made, I was working within a hotel that paid really well but was extremely boring. I decided to change my path and work with iNTERTAIN at a walkabout site and it has been the most fun experience I’ve had and I have had some great opportunities offered to me. Working for bigger organisations may seem daunting at first, but as I said above, iNTERTAIN is like a family and to see how much we do for charities and to improve our citizenship imprint on the world is incredible.  

What do you love about the industry? No two days are the same! There is always fun to be had, now don’t get me wrong you will find yourself sat behind a desk doing the forecasts for the week or creating rosters. But you also get the opportunity to train people up and watch them grow as individuals.  

What are the most important skills that a person needs to have to succeed as a GM within Intertain? To be able to adopt all different types of management techniques. Just like the industry no two people are the same, you need to ensure that you are managing people the best way that you can and that will involve several techniques. You must have patience and experience in order for you to listen and solutionise any issues you discover on your journey.  

What do you think Intertain offers people in terms of career development and progression? Whatever it is that you want to develop or become iNTERTAIN will help you however they can. I myself have discovered on my journey that I love HR and wanted to get more an experience within that role, as ridiculous as it may sound. iNTERTAIN have provided me with fantastic opportunities to gain HR experience where and whenever possible. I am currently undergoing a secondment with the HR team, which is an opportunity I never thought would have come my way.  

Can you share your career goals with us? My absolute passion is to work in HR as it is something I have aspired to do since becoming a TAM and taking on the people segment of our business. However the more I progress with this company whether it be HR or management I am learning so much more than I ever thought I could and I am greatly excited of what more I can develop and succeed in.  

How would you sell intertain to a prospectus manager? If you want to develop as a person or a manager iNTERTAIN is the greatest opportunity you can take by the horns. You will be given every opportunity possible and if you are wanting to take on more or develop in other areas the opportunity is there!  

How does the job fit with your family/social life? Don’t get me wrong I am a workaholic, however I still manage to fit my family and friends into my spare time as well as having a great social life. Whether it is because the industry is such a sociable industry or because there’s always time to fit your family, friends and social life in.